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Encanto 4K UHD Review

A charming coming-of-age story about standing out in a large family, Encanto fits comfortably into the Disney formula with a distinctive Colombian touch.

Luca 4K UHD Review

Luca explores the complexities of growing up through a colorful world, touching on racism and bigotry as it tells a simple fable that's enjoyable Pixar.

Soul 4K UHD Review

A marvelous exploration of life and purpose, Soul goes deeper than even Pixar's usual standards in detailing the afterlife while still presenting a charming front.

Onward 4K UHD Review

Onward uses magic as a basis for this clever fable about technology, family, and loss that works through to the final chapter.

Toy Story 4K UHD Review

Poisoning the Water Hole Some two decades after Star Wars upended the film industry and setting in place the summer blockbuster, Toy Story produced a similar cascading effect. American …

Toy Story 2 4K UHD Review

Poultry Man Between Toy Story’s 1995 release and Toy Story 2 in 1999, the internet happened to the collector’s market. At once, a litany of classic items became available …

Toy Story 3 4K UHD Review

To College and Beyond Toy Story is about Andy. The whole series. Woody and Buzz Lightyear sell action figures, but Andy sells the series’ heart. For three films, Andy …