Tag: Owen Wilson

Shanghai Noon Review

Chan flips kicks the piece to success, towering over the hackneyed familiarity of the cliche-riddled script with wildly kooky fight scenes.

The Big Year Review

With a rich cast made up from a trio of comedic names, Big Year does find a groove, pushed forward with an inviting, warm soundtrack and quirky side characters.

Cars 2 Review

Cars 2 is the odd man out though, riddled with bullet holes, explosions, and a Pope mobile.

Little Fockers Review

The kids are boring, the movie is boring, Jessica Alba is grating, this series is over, and please don't kick start a fourth movie

How Do You Know Review

This one comes from the mind of James L. Brooks, only his sixth directorial feature, and probably the worst thing he's ever done.

Marmaduke Review

It's not fair to blame anyone in particular, aside from that one solo person who thought the concept would make a movie in the first place.

Night at the Museum Review

A whimsical, energetic throwback to a style of movies long since lost, Night at the Museum is a wonderful family effort from Shawn Levy. Witty dialogue, memorable characters, and …

Drillbit Taylor Review

Overly long with only a little comedic material to work with, Drillbit Taylor doesn’t have a lot going for it. Owen Wilson gives it his all, but the script …

Marley & Me Review

For a dog lover, Marley & Me captures all that is right with the companionship between man and animal. Based on a true story and book of the same …