Tag: Orson Welles

Touch of Evil 4K UHD Review

Touch of Evil's exotic, groundbreaking camerawork is matched by eccentric, b-level noir storytelling that's wholly captivating and still distinctly modern.

Citizen Kane 4K UHD Review

A fable of American capitalism and seemingly a fairy tale given the bygone era it represents, Citizen Kane remains American cinema's landmark in countless ways.

The Stranger (1946) Review

Despite being dominated by Orson Welles and Edward G. Robinson's on-screen presence, The Stranger is what it is because of Loretta Young.

The General (1926) Review

When you review a movie, you should take notes. In the case of The General, those notes come away awfully repetitive, typically filled with adjectives for “amazing” and “remarkable.” …

The Third Man Review

If there is any scene in The Third Man that captures the ability of Carol Reed, it is the Ferris wheel. Here Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton) meets his mysterious …