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Hulk (2003) 4K UHD Review

Hulking Mad Control. Everything in the Ang Lee-directed Hulk concerns control. Emotional control. Government control. A parent’s control. Memory control. It’s an interesting take on the comic book hero, …

Return To Sender Blu-ray Review

Rosamund Pike delivers a quietly meticulous performance in this strange thriller Return To Sender is a hard movie to categorize given its unconventional approach to touchy subject matter. Director …

Gangster Squad Review

It is more a set-up for a TV comedy than serious drama, so over produced and glossy as to reject any sensibility of authenticity.

Warrior Review

Warrior is that close to being 2011's stand out, a draining, aggressive drama that rarely goes for the manipulative.

Arthur (2011) Blu-ray Review

Warner's remake is sort of like starting a $40 million kitten orphanage full of promises, only the intent was actually to burn it down for insurance money and sympathy.