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Final Destination 5 Review

... maybe this series will eventually prove it has a brain, and not just the type that splatter towards the camera to exploit 3D effects.

Mortal Kombat Review

Gaming audiences would leave the movie parched, seeking a little bit more in terms of head ripping, limb shredding, and heart tearing.

Elf Review

For all of its charm and color, it is easy to overlook the visual achievement Elf is.

Rush Hour 3 Review

It is almost as if Rush Hour 3 was written by someone who thought to put a movie called Speed on a cruise ship… oh wait, it was.

Rush Hour Review

Once paired, Rush Hour follows the formula of any buddy cop affair, but does so with flair as Chan was finally able to showcase his talents to a wide …

Seven Review

Fifteen years past its release, it's as modern as the day it hit theaters, so far beyond other films of its era it's staggering.