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Scream 4K UHD Review

Embodying the entire VHS era and the generation who grew up in it, Scream's impeccable timing crystalizes an entire era of horror.

Skyscraper 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Rock Bottom By the time Dwayne Johnson is fighting with a samurai sword, Skyscraper already destroyed its credibility. What’s a sword against gun-happy terrorists when Johnson already climbed the …

Skyscraper Review

Scandinavian Terrorists Can’t Melt Steel Beams It’s time for movie watchers to consider where Dwayne Johnson falls on the action movie scale. He’s not Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis punched …

Scream 4 Review

This should be forced, the gore should be excessive, and the audience should be lapping it up. That's the joke.

Scream 3 Review

Scream 3 still has energy, the chase sequences are fun, and the bumbling killer remains enjoyable.