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The Go-Go Boys Blu-ray Review

A softened documentary on Cannon Films, Go-Go Boys skirts the serious drama involved in the studio's history, but provides a glossy overview that plays like cliff notes.

Drive (1997) Blu-ray Review

An easily missed low-budget buddy action movie, Drive deserves recognition on a wider scale for its kooky humor and genuinely pure Asian-styled action.

Bloodfight Blu-ray Review

Knocking off better films and dismissing Hong Kong cinema's progress, Bloodfight tries to win an audience with action, but it's not enough.

My Samurai Blu-ray Review

Not My Samurai My Samurai uses a running gag in which Deborah (Lynne Hart) disparages Taekwondo. “It’s too violent,” she says to instructor Young Park (Julian Lee). To defend …