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Santa with Muscles Blu-ray Review

… But No Brains Take a moment today. Process the reality that Santa with Muscles exists. A human being wrote this movie. Another human being spent money to produce …

Ted Review

Even if the film's abrasive wonder doesn't connect, there's something loveable about that bear as he tackles Mark Wahlberg and crunches his testicles.

Black Swan Review

Emotions never feel diluted or over wrenched, Portman showcasing amazing control on a difficult, complex character and material.

Date Night Review

What doesn't work is the downtime, in which Josh Klausner's script repetitiously uses the “out of touch” routine for some dialogue-driven laughs that aren't there.

Extract Review

... without David Koechner playing the annoying neighbor Nathan, Extract would be completely devoid of humor.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review

Down the road, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this recent batch of Judd Apatow comedies ranked as some of the best of the genre… ever. His impressive streak, …

Max Payne Review

Many of the recent American film disasters have been based on video games. While Max Payne may not lower itself to the level of a House of the Dead, …