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Double Team Blu-ray Review

A Carrot with Earrings You had to be there to understand Double Team. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s action stardom withered by the late ‘90s. Blame his starring role in Street …

Blunt Force Trauma Review

Underground gun duels to the death in South America Ken Sanzel’s Blunt Force Trauma is a better film than its generic name implies. With the decline of the Western …

Immortals 3D Review

Most of the characters mope around with their heads down, likely mimicking the audience, waiting for something to happen.

13 Review

Punch-happy action star Statham adorns the cover art, but this is clearly a superstar effort from Sam Riley

Iron Man 2 Review

Iron Man 2 is not as funny, creative, or as witty as its predecessor, yet it does quite a few things right.

The Wrestler Review

Over time, one can hope that the awards, healthy praise, and hype can make Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler the classic it deserves. For whatever reason, the years other critical …