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Knives Out 4K UHD Review

While the mystery's final reveal is deflating in its simplicity, Knives Out succeeds in taking a western view of a rich/poor dynamic.

Nocturnal Animals Blu-ray Review

Nighttime People Tom Ford directs a despondent, distant, and certainly indulgent thematic drama in Nocturnal Animals, a film too heady, too obvious, and too morose for its own good …

Midnight Special Blu-ray Review

A Special on Sluggishness Were Superman real and his abilities known, his early life would follow the track of Midnight Special. Chased by both government and a low key …

Premium Rush Review

As much as Premium Rush wants to entertain (and keep entertaining), the lack of a stable base of genre cohesion is a killer.

Machine Gun Preacher Review

Machine Gun Preacher is “Kony 2012: The Movie,” a look inside the South African genocide recently brought to the surface in social media, controversially as some may say.