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The Equalizer 2 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Equality Through Violence Evil spreads when good people do nothing. That’s the same morality from the first Equalizer, threaded into the sequel. Equalizer 2’s best scenes match the returning …

The Equalizer Blu-ray Review

Equalizing stuff Opening luridly on a corner diner with an exterior covered in mid-morning darkness, Equalizer’s tonality is immediately desperate. Then it’s not. Equilizer is a bit everywhere, sloshing …

Red State Review

Red State's ending begins to question what's right and wrong, the line that was moments ago clear, severed by some of Kevin Smith's best work.

The Fighter Review

Fighting is the only connecting point between them all though, the sole piece of the metaphorical puzzle holding them together.

Frozen River Review

When the audience first meets Ray Eddy (Melissa Leo), she is sitting outside her trailer in her car, smoking a cigarette, and tears begin streaming down her eyes. Her …