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Rampage 4K UHD / 3D Blu-ray Review

Smash, Boom, Bam Never is Rampage intelligent or smart. It covers the stupid with plenty of boom-boom, crumbling buildings, and monster brawling though. That’s what the entrance fee is …

Rampage Review

Let’s Go Monstering No one speaks an intelligent word through all of Rampage. Rather, they blabber on about corporate badness, genetic gobbledygook, and hoo-ra America militarism. Oh well. At …

The Ticket Blu-ray Review

Sight-Seeing Through the eyes of James Harvey (Dan Stevens), British director Ido Fluk takes a scathing look at American superficiality. A simple, contemporary parable, Fluk’s The Ticket takes a …

Misconduct Blu-ray Review

Anthony Hopkins is a winner in this loser Although Misconduct plays on the fear of pharmaceutical companies, the death of 200 people due to a faulty clinical trial only …

Wanderlust Review

Too much of the film feels as if a camera was set up, the script tossed to the wayside, and the actors ran with it

Catch .44 Review

So much of Catch .44 feels wasted, extended dialogue never carrying the charm, wit, or story telling ability of what it's trying to emulate.

Happy Thank You More Please Review

There's no sense this script is overly glossy or reaching for happiness, each arc given space and breathing room to produce naturally evolving romance or emotional downturns.