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Life Itself Blu-ray Review

A life well lived This is an invincible film about criticism and thus an invincible film about Roger Ebert. It is heavier than Ebert’s memoirs, from which Life Itself …

Marley Review

For a family-approved documentary, it's willing to go into topics the family might not like to discuss.

Goon Review

It's a dumb, burly flick that takes the classic hockey sentiment to heart: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

Rubber Review

Rubber is a film about a tire with psycho-kinetic powers that prove strong enough to blow people's heads off. And the tire is named Robert.

Chawz Review

If Chawz didn't gobble down some sustenance for as long as the character development takes, it wouldn't survive.

Black Death Review

Black Death is less about the plague than about religious retribution, the disease serving as a rather pointless MacGuffin in the backdrop.

All Good Things Review

Tough roles are abound here, the brilliant Frank Langella playing Marks' father, utterly contemptible from the opening frames.

The Warlords Review

Sold on scenes of massive battles, Warlords almost certainly gained a US release based on the popularity of another Chinese war epic, Red Cliff.