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Jersey Girl Review

Jersey Girl deserves some personal resentment, picking apart an audience with its cliches and terrible decision making.

The Ledge Review

Ledge plays smartly with its indie finances, keeping itself contained for the needs of the narrative.

Super Review

It's not possible to recommend Super. It creates a wildly divergent audience that will spread generations and split superhero fans.

Armageddon Review

This is brain-dead cinema, where the fast and loose science is just sort of there in an attempt to stop people from thinking too long.

The Incredible Hulk Review

Marvel had a lot riding on this latest adaptation of the comic book icon. Giving the reigns to action director Louis Leterrier (Transporter, Unleashed) the 2008 edition, properly titled …

The Strangers Review

Screenwriters must hate cell phones. Here’s a device that entered into the public and instantly made almost any dangerous situation escapable with one phone call. That leaves a writer …