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The Sum of All Fears 4K UHD Review

Summarizing Nukes It’s unnerving how unusually prescient the Jack Ryan films tend be. Not long after 9/11, as nations stood on alert for Middle Eastern terrorists, Sum of All …

Goon Review

It's a dumb, burly flick that takes the classic hockey sentiment to heart: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

Kate & Leopold Review

Kate & Leopold is harmless fluff if nothing else, created to pander to an audience who finds the idea of Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman hooking up irresistible.

Scream 3 Review

Scream 3 still has energy, the chase sequences are fun, and the bumbling killer remains enjoyable.

Repo Men Review

It's a wonderfully dark, twisted look at a possible future, where the repo men believe in what they are doing despite the death.

Defiance Review

Defiance is as much about revenge as it is defying the Nazi movement. Under strenuous conditions, Jews gather in a forest seeking escape from the slaughter of their families …