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The Sum of All Fears 4K UHD Review

Summarizing Nukes It’s unnerving how unusually prescient the Jack Ryan films tend be. Not long after 9/11, as nations stood on alert for Middle Eastern terrorists, Sum of All …

Goon Review

It's a dumb, burly flick that takes the classic hockey sentiment to heart: “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

Kate & Leopold Review

Kate & Leopold is harmless fluff if nothing else, created to pander to an audience who finds the idea of Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman hooking up irresistible.

Scream 3 Review

Scream 3 still has energy, the chase sequences are fun, and the bumbling killer remains enjoyable.

Repo Men Review

It's a wonderfully dark, twisted look at a possible future, where the repo men believe in what they are doing despite the death.