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Passengers 4K UHD/3D Blu-ray Review

Pass Chris Pratt’s Jim Preston is lonely. He woke up from hypersleep too soon on an extended journey through space. These are tough times for the technically gifted maintenance …

John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

Dog Days It’s far too easy to lose count of how many people John Wick kills in this sequel. Assume the number doubled from the first, possibly higher when …

Batman v Superman 3D Blu-ray Review

Batbore and Superdull Adding 30 minutes to a gratuitous, messy film doesn’t fix anything. The pseudo-observant Batman v Superman still limps through rounds of movie logic like a riper …

Standoff Blu-ray Review

A great Laurence Fishburne performance helps this small thriller Laurence Fishburne highlights this slow burning story which alludes to – and even references – Western tropes. Tension is superb, …

Rudderless VOD Review

William H. Macy makes a strong musical drama with good tunes for his directorial debut Rudderless is renowned actor William H. Macy’s directorial debut, a musical drama that packs …

Contagion Review

... it's classy territory with a cast of Oscar winners following a series of expository science dumps.

Predators Review

Nimrod Antal directs some impressive action sequences, easily the highlight as if the expectation were any different.

Armored Review

Armored’s issues stem from a lack of tension, and certainly a bare minimum level of surprise.