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Gone Are the Days Blu-ray Review

Lance Henriksen Squares Off With Tom Berenger Lance Henriksen gives a commanding performance as a dying outlaw in this fantastic Western. Gone Are the Days reminds us the genre …

Monday At 11:01 AM Blu-ray Review

Lance Henriksen, Lauren Shaw and Briana Evigan star in this Twilight Zone retread The writer behind 2014’s Dark House comes out with his second movie in the mind-bending thriller …

Mimic 3: Sentinel Review

Replacing the actors with bricks who speak in subtitles would have few ill effects... other than the fact that they would be bricks.

Alien 3 Review

... it's probably the closest any of the sequels came to recapturing what made the original such a classic...

Aliens Review

The change of pace is in many ways a disappointment, although it would admittedly be more difficult to recapture the same magic.