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Frozen II 4K UHD Review

Frozen II, on its surface, doesn't alter modern animation's form, but its story embraces the fight against historical revisionism.

The Boss Blu-ray Review

Bossing Around Brawling girl scouts are the The Boss’ highlight. A straight ninjitsu, fist-flying, roundhouse kicking pre-teen and adult melee on public streets where the loser suffers the agony …

Movie 43 Review

Already there are so-called critics putting Movie 43 down as the worst movie of 2013. While Movie 43 is certainly not a great film, it certainly has its comedic …

Burlesque Review

Aguilera discovers the artistry of a burlesque lounge, and thankfully her audition does not require singing the National Anthem.

You Again Review

The one chance it has to break free from the modern Hollywood cliché is the central character arc, and You Again completely blows it

When in Rome Review

This type of romantic comedy farce is a waste of time for all involved, including the poor suckers who end up watching it.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall Review

Down the road, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this recent batch of Judd Apatow comedies ranked as some of the best of the genre… ever. His impressive streak, …