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Small Soldiers Blu-ray Review

Joe Dante repeats himself in Small Soldiers with mixed results, a movie struggling against the selling of military toys and simultaneously promoting them.

Jumanji (1995) 4K UHD Review

Family Game Night The Jumanji board game, with unexplained mystical powers to call the jungle into reality when played, acts as a conduit. Jumanji is never about the game …

Midnight Special Blu-ray Review

A Special on Sluggishness Were Superman real and his abilities known, his early life would follow the track of Midnight Special. Chased by both government and a low key …

Upside Down (2012) 3D Review

Upside Down explains itself as thus: Two planets with competiting gravitational pulls host inverse matter. Objects from the lower world exist in their gravitational field, and vice versa. Items …

All Good Things Review

Tough roles are abound here, the brilliant Frank Langella playing Marks' father, utterly contemptible from the opening frames.