Tag: Kevin Bacon

X-Men: First Class Review

You can argue about whether or not the whole thing is necessary; does anyone really need to know this origin tale? Not necessarily, but the quality deems otherwise.

Super Review

It's not possible to recommend Super. It creates a wildly divergent audience that will spread generations and split superhero fans.

Elephant White Review

... in the scheme of direct-to-video schlock, and to establish the talented Djimon Hounsou as an action player, Elephant White does what it's supposed to

Apollo 13 Review

Mixed with actual newscasts, scenes of grieving wives, crying children, and stressed out mission controllers, Apollo 13 sets the period and the tone.

Frost/Nixon Review

At the very least, Frost/Nixon doesn’t demonize former President Richard Nixon. He has a sense of humor, however weird and twisted, that makes him something more than the President …

Stir of Echoes Review

Stir of Echoes is the perfect example of a release date blunder. One month after Sixth Sense entered pop culture canon, the Kevin Bacon vehicle Echoes was pushed into …

Hollow Man Review

Paul Verhoeven’s always controversial style is in full effect in Hollow Man: sex, gratuitous nudity, gore, excessive violence, and a story thin enough to keep the whole thing together. …

Flatliners Review

A rare completely original idea from Hollywood, Flatliners is a unique concept that succeeds for more than just its ideas. A loaded cast of stars brings this story of …

Friday the 13th (1980) Review

An admittedly blatant rip-off of Halloween, Friday the 13th is an undeniable classic of the genre for a number of reasons. It set a standard of teenagers out in …