Tag: Keanu Reeves

Hardball Blu-ray Review

A mostly heartfelt sports movie starring Keanu Reeves, Hardball is about an unpolished Little League team from the projects coming together.

Speed 4K UHD Review

Speed perfectly stands for what mega-budget action movies should aim to be, turning into a winking metaphor for the entire genre and dwindling attention spans.

Toy Story 4 4K UHD Review

Plush Rush For the fourth time, the characters of Toy Story face abandonment. They end up lost, accidentally separated from their kid, and spend the rest of Toy Story …

Replicas Blu-ray Review

Do Not Replicate The opening scene of Replicas sees scientist Keanu Reeves uploading the consciousness of a dead soldier into a robot. That’s Replicas at its most coherent. What …

The Matrix Reloaded 4K UHD Review

Hail to the Geek The Matrix subverted a dull existence suggesting an ordinary, generic office worker is indeed something more. It was a middle American fantasy, rebellious, loud, gun-laced, …