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Jurassic Park III 4K UHD Review

Dino-rama Jurassic Park III doesn’t need to exist. It’s a plotless monster movie that fails to advance the Jurassic Park story arc. Nothing that happens matters. Yet, it’s a …

Jurassic Park 4K UHD Review

Permanent Park-ing (Note: You can read reviews for each 4K disc in this set using our Jurassic Park 4K tag) Missing from Jurassic Park the movie is author Michael …

Jurassic World Review

Turns out there’s NOT always a bigger fish The park is open. Blaring the magnificence of composer John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme, the sights begin dropping in droves. There’s …

Jurassic Park III Review

Jurassic Park III is wildly absurd, gloriously over the top, and could care less about anything resembling science, character, or plot.

Jurassic Park Review

It's impossible to overstate how much Jurassic Park meant to the film industry, and it's too easy to begin rattling off a series of films it then made possible