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Hulk (2003) 4K UHD Review

Hulking Mad Control. Everything in the Ang Lee-directed Hulk concerns control. Emotional control. Government control. A parent’s control. Memory control. It’s an interesting take on the comic book hero, …

J. Edgar Review

If aspects of Hoover's life -including those intimate entanglements- are of interest, Eastwood's piece works.

Tell-Tale Review

The premise here is a little too ridiculous, and could have better fit under a camp or parody scenario.

Glory Road Review

Glory Road is tiring. It has nothing to do with dramatic content or excitement level. It has everything to do with its cookie cutter approach from its script to …

Stealth Review

You don’t rush into a summer action movie and expect to take something away from it. There is, however, a line which, when crossed, takes dumb fun and turns …