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The Dark Knight Rises 4K UHD Review

Rising Above Recession Bane was born of the recession. He’s a villain looking to reshape society, shifting things away from the rich. Setting a siege in the stock exchange, …

The Night Before Blu-ray Review

Levitt, Rogen, and Mackie pair for this lagging buddy comedy The cast of The Night Before have a great time on set. Audiences might not since the fun doesn’t …

The Walk 3D Blu-ray Review

Walk With Him Robert Zemeckis takes the enigmatic story of Philippe Petit and wraps it in 3D spectacle. The Walk plays as a cartoonish, even breezy heist film, albeit …

Lincoln (2012) Review

Lincoln is never compelled to rush, and although that will lose some of the potential audience in dated dialects or mannerisms, authenticity is appreciated.

Premium Rush Review

As much as Premium Rush wants to entertain (and keep entertaining), the lack of a stable base of genre cohesion is a killer.

Looper Review

You can take much away from Looper, whether it is pulpy entertainment or the rules of time.

50/50 Review

Produced by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, 50/50 is surprisingly capable of restraint and subtlety.