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Mile 22 Blu-ray Review

Failure to Raid Built on an alpha male, macho foundation, the (literal) killer attitude of Mile 22’s secret government op is insufferably raw. The idea of this loud, booming, …

Unlocked Blu-ray Review

Lock It Up The twist in Unlocked concerns the villain. Using racial profiling, via Arabic dialect and vaguely Middle Eastern-looking actors, Unlocked suggests terrorists. It’s a trap and the …

The Portrait Of A Lady Review

For a film that moves at a languid pace, the complex narrative seemingly cuts out important bridging scenes that would have made it more enjoyable and easier to follow

Jonah Hex Review

It is hard to believe this wasn't tampered with by someone other than the director, Jimmy Hayward, because what's left is a shell.

In the Line of Fire Review

John Malkovich plays one of those movie bad guys who can look at the screen at creep the viewers out. Mitch Leary is one of his best villain characters, …