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Spaceballs 4K UHD Review

Not only poking fun at Star Wars, Spaceballs takes aim at the film industry as a whole in a clever spoof with every Mel Brooks signature.

Jake Speed Blu-ray Review

While the sentimentality for a lost era of heroism is great, the execution of Jake Speed is muddled, ponderous, and desperate for charisma.

Hellboy (2004) 4K UHD Review

Cats and Baby Ruths Hellboy’s challenge is in finding who he is, or what he’s meant to be. He’s from Christianity’s interpretation of hell. Nazis brought Hellboy into the …

Alien 40th Anniversary 4K UHD Review

Special Order 937 Kennedy’s grand plan for space eventually fizzled. NASA’s dwindling budget founded the shuttle program and then floundered. Private investors took over, then corporations saw profitable opportunities. …

The Last Panthers Blu-ray Review

Slow burn heist The Last Panthers is a deeply compelling, impressive television series from Europe. The intricately layered criminal drama is part heist and part international financial intrigue, all …

Immortals 3D Review

Most of the characters mope around with their heads down, likely mimicking the audience, waiting for something to happen.