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Raging Bull 4K UHD Review

A story of a cruel, self-destructive man, Raging Bull is essential in examining the masculine, invincible mindset of war and post-war America.

Casino 4K UHD Review

Hole in the Desert The final moments of Casino show old Vegas being torn down. Implosions send once grand buildings to rubble. Sam Rothenstein (Robert De Niro) opines about …

Lethal Weapon 4 Review

Comparisons of Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 4 revealing a dramatic shift in style and tone, although not necessarily through choice, just audience expectations.

Lethal Weapon 2 Review

Lethal Weapon 2 is arguably remembered for its toilet bomb more than anything else. It’s a situation that could only happen to Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover). …

Raging Bull Review

Why does Raging Bull work so well? It is able to make the simple act of a man walking up a set of stairs a tense and terrifying moment. …