Tag: Joe Dante

Small Soldiers Blu-ray Review

Joe Dante repeats himself in Small Soldiers with mixed results, a movie struggling against the selling of military toys and simultaneously promoting them.

Gremlins 4K UHD Review

A Kentucky Harvester Ms. Deagle is awful. She threatens to kill a family dog, ignores the cries of starving children, cuts in lines, and hates Christmas carolers. Deagle (Polly …

Burying the Ex Blu-ray Review

Joe Dante’s latest horror/comedy has spirit This is a Joe Dante movie. If you couldn’t tell from the Italian and ’50s horror movie posters scattered on the walls or …

Innerspace Blu-ray Review

Too Spaced Out Serenaded by  Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” and Rod Stewart’s remake of Cooke’s “Twistin’ the Night Away,” Innerspace charges its energy and lets it loose in a number of …

The Hole (2009) Review

The Hole fails to maintain interest, a drab family crisis playing out as cliches dictate and production values barely rise above that of a typical prime time drama.