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Taxi Driver 4K UHD Review

A masterwork of American political angst and lower class anxieties, Taxi Driver retains its power because its uncomfortable authenticity.

Money Monster Blu-ray Review

George Clooney pulls this confused satire together This thriller, laced with copious levels of satire, joins the “Wall Street Revenge” pop-up genre. Big Short, Assault on Wall Street, and …

The Beaver Review

The Beaver doesn't succumb to the traditional Hollywood need to showcase the crazy in an institutionalized setting, although this is one case where it might has helped.

Silence of the Lambs Review

“His pulse never went above 85, even as he ate her tongue.” That line, spoken by Anthony Heald, happens moments before the audiences first meeting with Hannibal Lecter (Anthony …

Nim’s Island Review

Flying under movie goers radars, Nim’s Island is a fantastic family film, loaded with action and fun. While it does go off course, the spunk of Abigail Breslin, Jodie …