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The Illusionist (MVD) Blu-ray Review

The Other Prestige The title Illusionist gives away the eventual twist. How and why hold until various plot developments need them. Illusionist toys with its audience, with Edward Norton …

Accidental Love Blu-ray Review

An accident would explain this one Accidental Love – or Nailed before production messiness left the film in shambles – is nonsense. It was filmed in 2008 when America …

Hitchcock Review

Hitchcock is as much a story about Alma and her influence on the director's movies, than it is about Alfred Hitchcock himself.

New Years Eve Review

Viewers are swept up in the lives of a series of New Yorkers, all considered beautiful or popular enough to make the poster art. That's the only qualification.

Valentine’s Day Review

The shame of it all is that Garry Marshall directed this breezy comedy, meaning it could have been so much more, especially with an ensemble cast.

Planet 51 Review

There is a bit of potential in the concept here, playing with a fun role reversal, and undoubtedly the trailers did their job at selling it.

Home of the Brave Review

Home of the Brave brings yet another look at the Iraq war, this from the view of four veterans who survived an ambush while delivering medical supplies. Irwin Winkler …

Powder Blue Review

Rose Johnny (Jessica Biel) is a single mother. She has a son in a vegetative state at a hospital piling up medical bills. She struggles to make ends meet …

Stealth Review

You don’t rush into a summer action movie and expect to take something away from it. There is, however, a line which, when crossed, takes dumb fun and turns …