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Killers Anonymous Blu-ray Review

Gary Oldman’s Worst Movie? Not so long ago, a movie with Gary Oldman and Jessica Alba would have meant something. Then Oldman started getting older and Alba went into …

Mechanic: Resurrection Blu-ray Review

Mechanic: Retired (Hopefully) Mechanic: Resurrection is designed to be consumed by 20-somethings who enjoy watching a 40-something blow stuff up, peddled by 60-somethings who know how to market a …

Barely Lethal Blu-ray Review

Barely interesting Barely Lethal satirizes the effect of media on impressionable youth. How those fluffy teen high school romance dramas mask the realities of real relationships. How TV slants …

Little Fockers Review

The kids are boring, the movie is boring, Jessica Alba is grating, this series is over, and please don't kick start a fourth movie

Machete Review

It's simple enough for about 80 or so minutes, but Machete carries on for about 20-minutes too long.

Valentine’s Day Review

The shame of it all is that Garry Marshall directed this breezy comedy, meaning it could have been so much more, especially with an ensemble cast.

The Love Guru Review

Pop quiz hot shot. What do an ostrich egg, a midget, anal floss, and two elephants humping in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals make when combined together? …