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X-Men: Dark Phoenix 4K UHD Review

Phoenix Falling Partway through the arduous Dark Phoenix, a TV newscast mentions the possibility for mutant internment camps, suggesting the X-Men’s future unless they stop the conflicted Jean Gray. …

Passengers 4K UHD/3D Blu-ray Review

Pass Chris Pratt’s Jim Preston is lonely. He woke up from hypersleep too soon on an extended journey through space. These are tough times for the technically gifted maintenance …

X-Men: Apocalypse Blu-ray Review

When the world-ending villain is the wrong one Choking on its fan service and battling to preserve continuity with far too many films in this series, Fox’s X-Men heads …

The Hunger Games Review

Hunger Games is decidedly more marketable, preying on the teen genre via romance and working around the MPAA with indecipherable camera work

Winter’s Bone Review

Shot in Missouri, the film's desolate, pale landscape is foreboding, generating additional tension when the film ramps up its effort.