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Rampage 4K UHD / 3D Blu-ray Review

Smash, Boom, Bam Never is Rampage intelligent or smart. It covers the stupid with plenty of boom-boom, crumbling buildings, and monster brawling though. That’s what the entrance fee is …

Rampage Review

Let’s Go Monstering No one speaks an intelligent word through all of Rampage. Rather, they blabber on about corporate badness, genetic gobbledygook, and hoo-ra America militarism. Oh well. At …

The Possession Review

The story is purportedly based on true events, though Hollywood has proven so callous with that term as to render it meaningless.

The Resident Review

The Resident could have done for sleeping what Jaws did for the water, that's assuming of course it didn't completely blow it in the final 30-minutes.

The Losers Review

... the film feels stranded and confined, unwilling to break many barriers or give audiences the sense that this is all a comic book