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Terminator 2 4K UHD Review

No Fate Part of Terminator 2’s lasting appreciation and success is in its subversion. It’s a killer-robot-from-the-future movie, slapped with the title of a direct-to-video exploitation flick. The synth …

Sanctum Review

All true stories play with the facts; Sanctum plays with it for the sake of an otherwise meandering father/son relationship.

Avatar 3D Review

Whether Avatar will be able to stand up to time, especially with the advancement of visual effects, is debatable.

Terminator 2 Review

Time travel is such a tough subject for movies. No matter how much you think through it, there’s a problem somewhere you didn’t consider and the film instantly loses …

The Terminator Review

Imagine this. You’ve just finished making Piranha 2, an abysmal sequel to the Roger Corman cult classic. You lay down one night soon after and you have a vision …