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The Shining 4K UHD Review

Kubrick's The Shining doubles as a paranormal horror movie, but works best in its depiction of domestic abuse and the isolation it causes.

Batman (1989) 4K UHD Review

This Town Needs an Enema Batman ‘89 is a movie caught between expectations of camp and genre maturity. It’s empty entertainment, a bizarre if heavenly beautiful studio feature unsure …

The Trip Blu-ray Review

Roger Corman and Jack Nicholson’s cult ode to the psychedelic wonders of LSD The Trip is a cult time capsule capturing a specific moment in time from the youthful …

How Do You Know Review

This one comes from the mind of James L. Brooks, only his sixth directorial feature, and probably the worst thing he's ever done.

Mars Attacks! Review

At its peak, Mars Attacks carries a sense of chaos on par with some of the classics of this little sub-genre like Gremlins

The Bucket List Review

You could put Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in any movie and come out with something successful. Pop them into a sugary sweet, semi-buddy movie directed by Rob Reiner, …

Anger Management Review

Anger Management teams up Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson, that being enough reason alone to watch. In typical Sandler movie fashion, this is a goofy, dumb comedy, though lacking …