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Rescue 3D IMAX Review

Striking photography can (and will) be marred by needless visual effects, attempting to heighten the 3D effects Rescue was sold on.

Beneath the Darkness Review

Add in a routine selection of teenagers written by someone who hasn't been around a high school in a while, and suddenly the credibility is spit on.

IMAX: Arabia 3D Blu-ray Review

The format necessitates a speedy resolution, breezing by topics of women, the advance of technology, and the slowly unraveling ways of old as a new generation moves into the …

Legends of Flight 2D/3D Review

Do you like Boeing? No, wait. Do you LOVE Boeing and think the 787 is the greatest thing ever invented by anyone, anywhere, at any time in the history …

Short Circuit 2 Review

The animatronic prop is no less convincing here than it was in the original, even if the antics begin stretching the plausibility about a talking, loveable robot.

The Resident Review

The Resident could have done for sleeping what Jaws did for the water, that's assuming of course it didn't completely blow it in the final 30-minutes.