Tag: Hilary Swank

The Hunt Blu-ray Review

If the reaction is to reflexively shy away from The Hunt, it's best to ask why that is since the satire is reflecting a current reality.

The Resident Review

The Resident could have done for sleeping what Jaws did for the water, that's assuming of course it didn't completely blow it in the final 30-minutes.

Amelia Review

Hilary Swank carries an uncanny resemblance to the famed female pilot in a film that pushes the audience into the story with hardly an introduction.

Freedom Writers Review

The “classroom” genre is loaded with clichés. Dangerous Minds, Dead Poets Society, and even some sports films like Coach Carter load up on predictability. Freedom Writers succumbs to many …

The Reaping Review

Small town? Check. Creepy kid? Double-check.  Bad movie? Triple-check. The Reaping manages to hold its audience for a while. Hilary Swank deals with a number of (incorrect) biblical prophecies …