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Moonfall 4K UHD Review

Even beyond the ludicrous premise, Moonfall's conspiratorial nonsense doesn't even deserve the two hours needed to appreciate the disaster movie destruction.

Kidnap Blu-ray Review

Halle Berry In a Car: The Movie Halle Berry is an instant screen heroine in Kidnap. A single mother, a hard working waitress, and locked in a custody battle …

The Call Review

Fear of the unknown dominates Call until exposed plot lines open floodgates into impassable shock value.

Movie 43 Review

Already there are so-called critics putting Movie 43 down as the worst movie of 2013. While Movie 43 is certainly not a great film, it certainly has its comedic …

New Years Eve Review

Viewers are swept up in the lives of a series of New Yorkers, all considered beautiful or popular enough to make the poster art. That's the only qualification.

Dark Tide Review

At some point during the developmental stage, Dark Tide was not a narrative driven escapade. It's not possible.

X-Men: The Last Stand Review

Supposedly the final piece to the X-Men series, this lively, energetic, and fun cap to the trilogy is a worthy send off to this fantastic comic book based series. …