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Prometheus 4K UHD Review

Asking Who We Are – Without Answers Marc Streitenfeld composes a masterful theme for Prometheus. Violins rise, evoking a feeling of wonderment, discovery, and emotional excitement. There’s none of …

The Catcher Was a Spy Review

More like the spy was a catcher, but still “You’re an unusual man, Mr. Berg,” says Jeff Daniels to a potential American spy, aging Red Sox catcher Moe Berg. …

Lawless Review

Despite measured success in the battle of the sexes and languid pacing, Lawless is a great story.

Prometheus Review

Wanting more, even if its carried by a shameless piece of sequel baiting in the closing moments, is never a sign of leaving a film with negative connotations

Lockout Review

It's easy to envision someone like Paul Veerhoven tackling the concept, turning it into a ripping on the modern prison and political systems, but Lockout isn't that daring.

The Road Review

Mortensen is on the edge, obsessed with keeping his son alive, although even he seems to question why.

Traitor Review

Traitor is the latest in a line of “war on terror” films, following excellent titles such as The Kingdom. Thankfully, Traitor is superb in its own right, easy to …