Tag: Frank Langella

Unknown Review

Whatever momentum the film has never feels capitalized on, the brawls and chase sequences always left hanging

All Good Things Review

Tough roles are abound here, the brilliant Frank Langella playing Marks' father, utterly contemptible from the opening frames.

The Box Review

The trailers completely avoid the fantastical elements of the plot, pieces that pull the viewer into space, the metaphysical, Mars, heaven, hell, and a library where portals are suddenly …

The Twelve Chairs Review

Twelve Chairs is likely more memorable for simply being an early work of a famed director, as you can see his style forming in each frame, leading up to …

Frost/Nixon Review

At the very least, Frost/Nixon doesn’t demonize former President Richard Nixon. He has a sense of humor, however weird and twisted, that makes him something more than the President …