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Twixt Blu-ray review

Twixt would not be a bad first effort from a rookie director, but expectations of Francis Ford Coppola sour the piece

Dementia 13 Review

Dementia 13 is a “whodunit” from the combined minds of Roger Corman and Francis Ford Coppola, years before the latter gave us his grandest achievement.

Godfather: Part III Review

It’s hard to believe the same people behind Godfather and Part II were responsible for Part III. The much-maligned sequel has a number of problems, but none of them …

The Godfather: Part II Review

The sequel to the heralded Godfather has an amazing level of expertise to live up to. With Oscar winner Marlon Brando out, it’s up to Al Pacino to take …

The Godfather Review

Given the history, influence, and impact of Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather, letting loose yet another review on the Internet seems rather pointless. Like any other beloved classics, whether it …