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Catch .44 Review

So much of Catch .44 feels wasted, extended dialogue never carrying the charm, wit, or story telling ability of what it's trying to emulate.

Repo Men Review

It's a wonderfully dark, twisted look at a possible future, where the repo men believe in what they are doing despite the death.

Street Kings Review

If you’re going to make a cop drama in this day with countless crime-based shows on TV, you need to go further than what’s being offered free. Street Kings …

Vantage Point Review

There’s a concept in Vantage Point that works. The contrived scripting and completely implausible action can’t take advantage of that though, leaving a fun, hollow thriller that could have …

Species Review

Unintentionally campy, Species is a load of creature feature fun. While the special effects are terribly dated and the performances impossible to be taken seriously, this gory romp offers …