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Jungle Cruise 4K UHD Review

Passably old fashioned while drenched in modern visual effects, Jungle Cruise is little more than acceptable, one-off escapism trying to recapture Disney's Pirates gold.

A Quiet Place 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Shh… Without the typical genre conventions, A Quiet Place rewrites the rules of cinema horror. No drunken teens, no classless characters; rather, A Quiet Place focuses on the family …

A Quiet Place Review

… It’s 89 days into a hostile takeover by sound-sensitive creatures as A Quiet Place begins. Birds are gone. All of them. There’s not a single chirp passing in …

Looper Review

You can take much away from Looper, whether it is pulpy entertainment or the rules of time.

The Adjustment Bureau Review

Adjustment Bureau is brilliant fiction, taken from a Phillip K. Dick short story and then expanded into this spectacular, nerve-racking, crowd cheering pleaser that does just about everything right.

Gnomeo & Juliet Review

Garden gnomes? Alive? And at war? So, it's a half-baked Pixar idea that ended up tossed to the side and picked up by someone else? Gotcha.