Tag: Dennis Hopper

Giant 4K UHD Review

Elizabeth Taylor dazzles in this George Stevens' Oscar-nominated epic Giant, in what would be James Dean's last film role.

Speed 4K UHD Review

Speed perfectly stands for what mega-budget action movies should aim to be, turning into a winking metaphor for the entire genre and dwindling attention spans.

The American Dreamer Blu-ray Review

Fascinating documentary capturing a raw Dennis Hopper after the success of Easy Rider Film rebel Dennis Hopper was riding high in 1971 after the unexpected success of Easy Rider. …

Alpha and Omega Review

Lionsgate obviously had no intention on spending funds to produce this one, so it's a wonder why they would expect an audience to return the favor.

True Grit (1969) Review

Like most of the great westerns, this is a contained, personal story, focused on the plight of a few, well developed people.

Waterworld Review

Excess is Waterworld’s most endearing quality. It is obvious that director Kevin Reynolds took it upon himself to use the budget fully. Each set is loaded with details, typically …