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Lethal Weapon Review

Decades out, Richard Donner's film remains fresh, if only because so few have successfully worked out its formula.

2012 Review

Why waste time talking about how California will be engulfed in the San Andreas fault when you can throw $20 million on the screen to show it?

Battle for Terra Review

There’s a high concept in Battle for Terra, that of a dying human race invading a planet of peaceful aliens. As the audience is introduced to Terra, it’s apparent …

Night Train Review

Something to note after viewing Night Train: Never die in the presence of Leelee Sobieski if you have any intention of a proper burial. Give her a hatchet and …

Be Kind Rewind Review

Marketed as a simple comedy about two guys remaking popular movies, Be Kind Rewind offers far more than that. It’s a comedy with a softer, even somber side. Yes, …