Tag: Danny Glover

Shooter 4K UHD Review

Filled with conspiratorial paranoia, Shooter's forceful agenda is pure post-9/11 Americana to an almost satirical degree.

Saw 4K UHD Review

Unknowingly launching an extended franchise, Saw poses a clever mystery, undone only by its dismal performances.

2012 4K UHD Review

More an attempt to create a ludicrous theme park ride than movie, 2012's absurdities, stock characters, and lengthy runtime make this a bloated, empty spectacle.

Predator 2 4K UHD Review

B.O. and BBQ Predator 2 takes place in the future – 1997. It’s a time of unrelenting gang wars, with massive Hollywood shoot-outs on the streets between cops and …

Monster Trucks Blu-ray Review

The Fast and the Monstrous It’s cliché to state Monster Trucks is derivative. The film, pitched as a small town American adventure with the literal interpretation of “monster” trucks, …

Checkmate Review

A movie so bad that Danny Glover may never work again in Hollywood Checkmate is a gloriously epic turkey of poor filmmaking. The direct-to-video “action” thriller is nominally about …