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Tarantula Blu-ray Review

“Jumpin’ Jupiter!” Citizens of a small American town, out west in Arizona, wonder aloud what the scientist living 20 miles out in the desert is doing. Post-WWII paranoia of …

The Mule 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Chumming with the Cartel First, Earl (Clint Eastwood) just wants a new truck. Then to get his foreclosed business back. Next, to restore the VFW, an ice rink, and …

The Witches Blu-ray Review

A Mixed Italian Anthology With Clint Eastwood This ambitious anthology was an Italian/French co-production that happened to include a rising Hollywood star and a huge movie star already in …

American Sniper Blu-ray Review

Bradley Cooper is on point as SEAL Chris Kyle SEALs Sniper Chris Kyle is given an honorific in cinema form, celebrating a soldier of four tours and a kill …

J. Edgar Review

If aspects of Hoover's life -including those intimate entanglements- are of interest, Eastwood's piece works.

Hereafter Review

Hereafter is a conceptually powerful film, focused on three people dealing with radically different aspects of death

Kelly’s Heroes Review

Director Brian G. Hutton is able to blend that humor into the dramatic, utilizing timing and care to ensure the mixture works.