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Vacation (2015) Blu-ray Review

Holiday Blowed Boundaries. Comedies need them. Vacation has none. Chevy Chase-starring Vacation’s were timid films. They’re awkward, uncomfortable, and slightly satirical stabs at families wandering the country (or their …

Blackhat Blu-ray Review

Michael Mann’s soggy two-hour ode to the internet at its worst The NSA has high-level employees dumb enough to open email attachments in order to change their password. This …

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Avengers Re-Assembled Ultron is an assertive villain. Emotive. Cold. Unreal. He is a robot, yes, but not a pre-programmed killer. He (it?) considers the ramifications of his vile actions …

The Avengers 3D Review

It's a calculated, precise piece of popcorn art, the type that defines the term “summer blockbuster,” and possibly redefines it.

Thor Review

Director Kenneth Branagh mixes the playful with the emotional, capturing a summer movie base without offending the source material.