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The Avengers 3D Review

It's a calculated, precise piece of popcorn art, the type that defines the term “summer blockbuster,” and possibly redefines it.

Puncture Review

Dialogue exchanges are kept fierce, a sense of urgency and tension delivered from narrative-enriching performances.

The Losers Review

... the film feels stranded and confined, unwilling to break many barriers or give audiences the sense that this is all a comic book

Push Review

If Jedi roamed free in the modern day, they would undoubtedly end up involved in something like Push. There is little question George Lucas’ space saga inspired the events …

TMNT Review

At a brisk 90 minutes, this is a great family film, even though the youngest may need some help to get them through.

Fantastic Four Review

Marvel continues to pull the superheroes out of their long line of comics to toss onto the big screen. Hardly the best of their lot, the Fantastic Four are …