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2012 4K UHD Review

More an attempt to create a ludicrous theme park ride than movie, 2012's absurdities, stock characters, and lengthy runtime make this a bloated, empty spectacle.

Doctor Strange Blu-ray Review

Strangeness Absurd but amusing. Colorful but dramatic. Flashy but controlled. Doctor Strange does a lot for the Marvel universe, bringing magic and mysticism into the ranks. It’s a wonderfully …

Doctor Strange Review

Strange Things Are Happening A visual effects masterpiece, Doctor Strange imbues M.C. Escher, magical realism, and mirrored realities in order to bring spiritual mysticism into the Marvel slate. The …

The Martian Review

Matt Damon Looks at Earth with Envious Eyes Inspiring and playful, The Martian is the least cynical of Hollywood’s space epics. Trapped astronaut Mark Watney’s (Matt Damon) bright demeanor …

2012 Review

Why waste time talking about how California will be engulfed in the San Andreas fault when you can throw $20 million on the screen to show it?